Seiko Inkjet Printhead

Seiko Inkjet Printhead

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Seiko Spt510 / 50pl Print head Seiko Spt510 / 50pl Print head
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Seiko Spt510 / 50pl Print head

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Original Seiko Spt510 / 50pl Print head

To be used with:

Crstaljet F1804SPT510_50PL, Crstaljet F3304IISPT510_50PL, Crstaljet F4304SPT510_50PL, Crstaljet F4308SPT510_50PL, Crstaljet S4306SPT510_50PL, Crstaljet S6306IISPT510_50PL, Crstaljet F6308IISPT510_50PL, Infiniti FY-3278N, Infiniti FY-3276HA, Infiniti FY-3278F, Infiniti FY-3276R, Phoaeton UD-3278D, Phoaeton UD-3276E, Phoaeton UD-3278K
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New Colorpainter H Series...
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New Colorpainter H Series Inkjet Head GP - U00129498600

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This printhead Guard Plate is suitable for Seiko ColorPainter H series printers. This is the original Seiko part (number U00129498600 replacing U00112458300).


  • Active Print Width: 72mm
  • Nozzles: 508
  • Nozzle Plate: Non-Wetting
  • Physical resolution: 180 dpi
  • Firing Frequency: 18 kHz (and multiples)
  • Drop Volume: multiple of 12pl (up to 7 drops)


  • ColorPainter H-104s
  • ColorPainter H-74s
  • ColorPainter H2-104s
  • ColorPainter H2-74s