Epson Printhead VS Konica Printhead VS Ricoh Printhead

Epson Printhead VS Konica Printhead VS Ricoh Printhead

Available to most printers, like the vinyl printer, banner printer, UV printer, textile printer, especially works beautifully on the UV printer.

1. Relatively good price for many kinds of printers. Especially a good choice for entrepreneurs to start small-investment printing companies.
2. Highest resolution among all the major printheads in the wide format printer market.
3. Compatible with a host array of inks, like eco solvent ink, UV ink, oil-based.

1. The ink droplet is smaller, need clean printhead often to avoid printhead clogging.
2. Higher quality ink required, the original ink would be great.
3. It’s non-industrial grade printhead, used for around 1-year, and sometimes longer with regular maintenance.
4. Low printing speed. Take OnePrint 3.2m eco solvent printer as an example, with dual Epson DX5 head, 45sqm/h on 4 pass.

Konica Printhead (KM512i: 30pl, KM512: 42pl)

Konica printhead is an industrial grade head, mainly for mid-level users. With high speed and 360dpi, typically used in the solvent printer for large format outdoor signages.

1. Normally no head clogging with a large nozzle, even low-cost ink is available.(KM512i: 30pl, KM512: 42pl)
2. It’s one kind of industrial-class printhead with longevity and stability. Service life can be extended to 2-3 years, depending on customers’ actual usage.
3. Commonly-used in the solvent printer for outdoor signage printing.
4. The printing speed is among the top highest level of inkjet printer market, the maximum is 240sqm/h on 2 pass.
5. Compatible with a wide range of ink, including solvent, UV, oil…

1. As one Konica head for one color, solvent printers usually equip 4 or 8 heads, the printer is expensive while the Konica head itself is costly too.
2. Low resolution. High printing speed will lead to low resolution accordingly. But no impact on wide format outdoor signage’s demand.

Ricoh Printhead (Ricoh Gen5)

The Ricoh printhead is recognized as the best in industrial printing machines. It’s the best choice of high-end products printing.

1. Ricoh printhead combines the precision of Epson printhead and the speed of Seiko print head.
2. Variable 7~35pl ink droplet, head hardly gets clogged.
3. The longevity is a significant advantage, lifespan is 5 years with regular maintenance, high cost-efficient over the long term.
4. Rich ink compatibility, available most types of ink existing in the market.

The Ricoh head itself is expensive, and the higher price for printers equipped with Ricoh head.