Grafix UV System Dichroic coated UV Reflector Liner


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Guaranteed 100% Ultraviolet (UV) Dichroic Reflector compatible for Grafix UV System

The Grafix UV System Dichroic Coated UV Reflector Liner exceeds OEM standards of CureUV performance. The specially coated UV reflectors help in reflecting UV curable energy that allows higher UV wavelength to pass through them. The liners work well wit the Grafix UV systems and have the following dimensions:

  • 35" x 2.45"

The CureUV reflectors are manufactured to assist the UV curable energy to reflect and help in allowing UV wavelength to pass through. This is achieved by reflecting visible light. Lesser infrared radiation means less heating of the illuminated objects in the light beam. The dichoric reflector is used in the compatible fixture that helps in scattering heat. It is also important that the dichoric reflectors are not fitted to closed luminaries.


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